Bank employee admits to stealing

National, Normal

The National, Thursday August 1st, 2013

 A BANK employee has admitted in court that he stole money from his employer last year.

Leslie Mogua, 23, from Angoram, East Sepik, had been charged with two counts of stealing and appeared before Magistrate Posain Poloh in the Lae Committal Court.

The court heard that on Nov 15 last year, Mogua while employed as an electronic banking officer with Bank South Pacific in Lae, fraudulently took K1,400 from the bank. Again on Nov 23, he took K2,400 using a different name.

The court heard that Mogua opened an account with BSP using the name Jason Kut and pretended to be a Pacific Corporate Security Services employee.

Using his position, the court heard that Mogua transferred money from the bank account of Swift Customs Ltd, a client of the bank, into Kut’s account.

He later withdrew more than K3,000 in two different transactions. Swift Customs found out about the irregularities and informed the bank. BSP, with the help of police, investigated and identified Mogua. 

Poloh adjourned the case to tomorrow for a ruling and extended Mogua’s K400 bail.