Bank empowering women to stand up

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The National, Friday October 17th, 2014

 MONEY plays a part in violence against women in PNG, Westpac managing director Geoff Toone says. 

He said women continued to struggle financially in the country.

“We note that threats of domestic violence often occur and there’s conflict around money. In PNG, research shows the connection between money, household conflict and violence is strong,” Toone said. 

He said the bank’s view was when women went through education and financial awareness engagements, they often secured themselves financially.

Toone spoke about financial strains and violence against women during the Westpac Outstanding Women’s Awards in Port Moresby on Wednesday night. The National is one of the sponsors of the awards.

He said in PNG, women’s representation was well behind men’s in all key leading indicators – gender equality, education, economic opportunities, political empowerment and health. 

However, Toone said PNG women had stood up to participate in areas they had not done before.

“It’s all too easy to see some of the initiatives that are going on for women who have cropped up in the past few years and say: ‘Wow, we are on our way’.”


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