Bank enables woman’s dream

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 9th, 2013

 THE National Development Bank, through its women in business desk, has enabled a Papua New Guinean woman live her dream of providing early childhood education in the nation’s capital.

East Sepik’s Margaret Kuiaha was lost for words when she was presented a cheque for more than K60,000  by Women in Business manager Janet Kaule during a ceremony last week.

Kaule said the NDB was honoured to be part of the milestone and just as excited as Kuiaha was because it was the first time for the woman in business desk to provide funding assistance to establish a school. 

“I am proud of the fact that NDB’s funding assistance will achieve two things – one, ensure Margaret’s business is established and two, provide vital education service to children at an early age,”she said.

Kuiaha said the idea to establish the school came about after observing how the Ensis Valley population was growing rapidly, in particular how many young children between 18 months and five years, were left at home in the care of baby sitters (mostly relatives) while their parents went to work. 

Coming from a background of teaching in early childhood education, Kuiaha said she saw the need for these young children to be introduced to education at an early age instead of just staying at home. 

“I believe putting these children to school will provide the most vital journey of a child’s learning ability and development that is required at this early age,” she said.