Bank impacted by connectivity issues: CEO


BANK South Pacific (BSP) Financial Group is also being impacted by the internet connectivity issues reported by DataCo PNG Limited, chief executive officer Robin Fleming says.
“Like all businesses in PNG, BSP is being impacted by internet connectivity issues that have been reported by DataCo. Customers will experience difficulty with services that are internet based and which rely on data lines not experiencing any latency or lag,” he said.
“BSP does have multiple data providers for business continuity and redundancy purposes but unfortunately all are being affected by the same link issues.”
DataCo chief executive officer Paul Komboi said the disruption to internet connectivity experienced this week was due to issues faced by the Coral Sea Cable System (CS2).
“The issues are isolated to the end devices or nodes in Port Moresby and Sydney affecting internet traffic and private leased circuits traversing the CS2,” he said.
“PNG DataCo engineers and our partners are doing everything they can to replace the identified equipment and to restore these services and have a permanent fix.
“Generally during this period as they work on the network, the internet services will be affected by intermittent dropouts and increased latencies. DataCo sincerely apologises for any inconveniences this outage may cause our customers and the general internet users.”