Bank loses K1mil in heist

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BANK South Pacific (BSP) in Kerema town, Gulf, was broken into on Saturday and about K1 million taken.
The incident occurred during a downpour.
Provincial police commander Chief Insp Maria Johns said the backdoor of the bank was forced open and three trunks of money removed.
“The safe was not touched, the three trunks had monies packed in bundles of K2, K5, K20, K50 and K100, in total approximately K1mil was removed,” she said.
“We are investigating why there were no guards around the bank.”
Several suspects have been arrested, with many of the suspects picked up being drunkards around the town who were spending large amounts of monies.
“A husband and wife were picked up after the husband was part of the drunks who were picked up in town. The man was searched and in his possession was a K5 bundle of money. He was taken into custody, his home was searched where another lot of bundles of money was found.
“When his wife was questioned she said the husband had brought the money home.
“She too was taken in by police.”
Police are continuing their investigations.


    • Why would a bank and the police release information about how much money was stolen? It is like issuing an invitation for the next robbery.

  • Kerema Town is a small town where everybody knows everybody. The heist is an inside job and the good town folk will know or at least have heard rumours of who is behind this robbery.

    I feel badly for this neglected part of our country and its often harassed public servants and private citizens who will be badly affected by this Xmas crime.

    Clearly the police and other officials have to apprehend these criminals quickly and get this small isolated provincial capital in order.

    Christmas is not a good time to be without money and many hard working folk will be affected.

  • Well masterminded robbery but stupid and expose the evidences to the public so hoped more are yet to arrest…

  • when our country start to suffer, people will resort to such behaviours. everything goes back to the boxing ring in parliament house. may the best man hold the tittle for PNG 9th prime minister.

  • We still haven’t learnt from the previous experience. A lot of innocent people will suffer the consequence of this robbery. Over to the Gulf Provincial Administration to seriously address this issue.

  • Close the bank, schools, hospital and the airport. Let them go back to the stone age. They don’t want government services to reach them. Handful of people complicating lives of thousands of people in Kerema. So sad.

  • some people dont know how to make a million kina, and are good at stealing and spending others hard eaRNED CASH…thats why the culprits as suspected are held too soon…AND MUST BE LOCKED UP WHERE THEY WILL NOT SEE AND TOUCH A KINA.

  • Dose BSP really leave 1million kina in cash sitting in an open office after business hours….?
    Don’t think so….
    Where’s all the state of the art security systems that BSP have spent millions on….?
    Wheres the guards,? all of them. No excuse.
    Disgusting state of affairs….
    This is what happens when you have a crippled economy because of the Government.

  • Don’t arrest them, just forget about the money, 1 million is peanuts. Have you check and arrest some of these MPs in the Opposition and Government , they stole more than these guys, give me break. The long arm of the law what a Hogg Wash.

  • Similar thing happened in Kerema some years back and the only bank there was closed for months or years and innocent people suffered. Gulf governor must step in and do something about this. Besides, its clearly an inside job just like the last one!

  • It took years to reopen the bsp bank. The majority suffered at the hands of very few rascals back then. The town is hit again with the same style of bank robbery. This type of attitude continues to deprive many people access to services.

  • Also better publish figures tied to corrupt politicians,bureaucrats etc..etc na arrestim, sasim, lokim na lus ting ting bai make sense… BSP tu ya inap long steal long yumi ol customers tu! Else samting blong Law nau! Cocaine Saga tu luk olsem outstanding yet Laka?

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