Bank sees increase in use of its digital platforms


TRANSACTIONS on Kina Bank’s digital platforms have increased over the last nine months, according to the bank.
Chief executive Greg Pawson said this during the launch of a Department of Lands and Physical Planning online bill payment platform yesterday.
He said more Papua New Guineans were adapting to the changing digital space.
“At Kina Bank, over the last nine months, our digital banking channels such as mobile banking apps, internet banking, WhatsApp, artificial intelligence and social media have grown to become some of the most popular channels and ways for our customers to interact with us.
“This is, as I said, due to the Covid-19 and now that social distancing has become the new norm.”
Pawson said the online payment solution in association with local fintech startup NiuPay, would see the delivery of its first online payment gateway to market which would give local and regional landowners the ability to start paying online and removing the need for them to go in person to one of the Lands Department offices.
“We see the growth of digital government as crucial to the long-term success of the country. It’s an essential part of our sustainable future that we at Kina Bank are committed to.
“Bringing citizen-centred government services online means everyone will be able to access these services quickly, cheaply and efficiently – it breaks down the barriers to access so that everyone can benefit.”
NiuPay’s director James Inglis said: “At NiuPay we consider ourselves digital disruptors and as such our mission is to help government departments and state-owned enterprises move away from costly and outdated legacy business systems and onto state of the art, highly secure and functional e-government platforms custom built to their exacting needs.”
The advent of digital government is also a cost-effective move for the government, reducing the operational costs of running departments by saving time, resources, effort and money.
Digital government can also extensively increase service quality, fundamental to it is cybersecurity.
Pawson said: “Our number one principle guiding each and every decision we make is security.”

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  • Kina, please put up a tough competition against BSP. Personal loan interest rate is almost 100 percent and all kinds of fees are killing the customers.

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