Bank tellers’ rude behaviour a shock

Letters, Normal

ANZ Bank is one of the most trusted financial institutions in the country.
I am one of its customers for the last three years.
Even though it has limited branches, it has one of the fastest, reliable and effective banking systems.
I switched from BSP simply for these reasons.
However, the relationship turned sour last Monday at the ANZ Bank Four-Mile branch.
My wife wanted to deposit K1 coins which she has diligently saved.
It amounted to K850.
However, to our shock, two female bank tellers refused to accept her deposit.
One of the tellers even said my wife “did not learn anything in university”.
She refused to entertain my wife outright and she went to another teller.
The other teller also did the same thing.
My wife was told to come back the next day with a K16 fee.
Is the how bank staff treat people who saved their hard earned money?
Don’t tell me a modern and sophisticated bank like ANZ Bank does not have a machine to count coins?
And if there is a need to charge K16, why can’t the teller deduct it from the K850?
Is it so hard to take K16 aside?
My wife wanted to deposit K850 not K850,000 in K1 coins.


ANZ customer
Port Moresby