Bank union demands answers from Labour boss

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The National- Friday, January 28, 2011

 MEMBERS of the Papua New Guinea Banks & Financial Institutions Workers Union in the nation’s capital marched to the Labour and Industrial Relations office yesterday to have their demands heard by secretary George Vaso and Labour Minister Sani Rambi.

They claimed their cases had been pending for the last six years at the arbitration office which had been closed since 2008.

About 20 members fronted up at the union office at Badili as early as 9am demanding that the industrial relations officer see to their cases. 

The industrial relations officer highlighted to the labour officers they were fed up of the blame shouldered because they had been serving their members and it was time the department come out and addressed the situation.

“The union is under pressure from concerned members and we must also understand that we are dealing with human resources and their lives,” the officer said.

Union general secretary Vera Raga said the demonstration was just a protest to find out when the office could be open and why many cases had not progressed. 

“We have made numerous calls and appointments to meet with the department heads but nothing has been done and today’s protest was a surprise,” he said.

Labour official Herman Gire told the protesters that the secretary was not able to see them yesterday.

“If you think your cases are urgent then the direction from the secretary is to seek request through court to have your case heard in arbitration,” Gire said.

He also reminded union members that by the end of March the new office would be located at the 4th floor of Monian Tower in Down Town.