Bank unveils 14 women finalists for awards

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The National, Wednesday October 2nd, 2013

 WESTPAC PNG has unveiled 14 women as finalists of this year’s Westpac Outstanding Women (WOW) Awards to be determined as winners of five award categories on Oct 16. 

Acting managing director Donald Hallam said he was delighted to see such a high calibre of finalists selected for the 2013 WOW awards. 

“In addition to this year’s award, Westpac is offering each category winner an education grant of K1,000. 

“The 14 women are making strong contributions to the development of the country, by stepping up and being counted and by helping to build a stronger, more tolerant and accepting community,” Hallam said. 

The finalists were taken from five award categories; Antonia Apurel, Patronilla Paisi and Angelyn Baker from PricewaterhouseCoopers private sector, Dr Dinah Dovana-Ope, Rose Singadan and Dr Mobuma Kiromat from Steamships public sector, Sarah Shelley, Ruth Wollie and Michaeline Sovek from SP Brewery Entrepreneur, Maria Linibi, Cecelia Kuman and Penny Sagembo from Trukai community, Winsome Nenewa and Doris Cheryl Mondo Mulas from IBBM young achiever’s. 

“A senior judging panel will meet in the coming days to determine the winners of each category. 

“Each winner receives a host of prizes and automatically qualifies as nominees to be recognised as the overall winner of WOW award for 2013. 

“The educational grant will complement the winner’s practical knowledge with formal education and perhaps gain a recognised qualification,” Hallam said. 

“To complement their professional mentoring, each category winner will be offered K5,000. 

Meanwhile, the overall Westpac Outstanding Woman of the year receives a trophy and a trip to attend one of Australia’s Executive Women’s Leadership symposiums in Australia next year.