Baptisms cause for Nazarene church celebrations


TWENTY-one people were baptised after a mid-week thanksgiving and baptism crusade by the Church of the Nazarene in Kudjip, Jiwaka, last week.
Those baptised were students from the Kudjip Nazarene College of Nursing and youths from the Kudjip Nazarene Emmanuel Church and some college staff.
The church members welcomed the new members at their baptism event conducted at Wara Kane on Sunday, Oct 29, by Rev Philip Nolie and Rev Andrew Ken.
Rev Omate Haneno was the main celebrant of the thanksgiving and baptism mass, which coincided with the thanksgiving offering.
Haneno reminded the baptism candidates that they had made a promise to God that they would become disciples of Jesus.
“A promise is a promise and you’ve got to keep it,” he said.
“God blesses those who keep their promise to Him.”
The station families received powerful messages from Ken when the crusade started on Wednesday, followed by Rev Peter Dama on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Dama touched on the power of transformation when one was sanctified in the fire of God’s power and passed through the tassels of the high priests to Jesus.
He urged church members to build their foundation on Jesus Christ because their faith in him guaranteed them the key to the gates of heaven.
Those who were baptised accepted Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and promised to hold onto his teachings.

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