Barking at the wrong tree

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the recent criticisms levelled against NCD Governor Powes Parkop.
I am disgusted with these writers.
Of all the MPs, it is evident that Mr Parkop has done a lot.
I am disgusted by the fact that while he is doing something good for his people, many are criticising his political moves.
In my opinion, they are criticising the wrong person for the wrong reasons.
My question is: Why can’t you criticise an MP who has not spent a toea developing his electorate?
One thing is for sure, there are far too many MPs who have not done anything in their electorate. Take for instance, Moses Maladina.
I do not know why he introduced the bill to strip the powers off the Ombudsman Commission but I know that that bill will not help the people of Esa’ala.
Papua New Guineans say that we are a free country and that is in theory.
In actual fact, we keep our mouths shut and wait for the next election to elect the next corrupt leader.
If we want to make a change, let’s start by opposing our MPs who put their interest ahead of the people.
I am not saying we cannot criticise good leaders.
Criticism is good but in our current situation, more criticisms should be levelled at corrupt leaders.