Barola community supports local school

Highlands, Normal


VILLAGERS along the Barola section of the Highlands Highway last week contributed cash to assist Barola Primary School develop basic school infrastructures.
This also marked the opening of two new teachers’ houses, a double classroom and new perimeter fencing for the school.
Barola community leader Shubert Kamunda said they were no longer the old Barola involved in criminal activities along the highway, but they were a new Barola with new focus and vision.
“We, the new Barolas have decided to invest in education for our children by helping to rebuild Barola Primary School to one day see our sons and daughters excel in life,” Mr Kamunda said.
School board chairman Ezo Hone said education was important for the future generation and they had to invest in school to develop young people of Barola to be better citizens.
A call was also made to the Kainantu district administration, Eastern Highlands provincial administration and Kainantu MP Sailon Beseo to help the school.
Provincial education advisor Conrad Esoke commended the parents and teachers for their financial contribution
to improve the school and invest more in education.
He told the school that he would bring their request for outside assistance to the relevant authorities to facilitate external funding for more infrastructural development in the school.
The parents and the school contributed a total of K6,452 and presented to head teacher Dan Kwalam and his board.