Barracks ‘falling apart’


I AM concerned with the appalling condition here at Gordon Police Barracks.
Apart from the usual law and order problems within a law enforcing community such as consumption of alcohol and disturbing the peace of the community, the living conditions are deteriorating.
Walls of the houses are falling apart, toilets and shower rooms are hanging on rotting beams.
In some houses water pressure is very low due to an aging water distribution system in the barracks. However, the families of the policemen are indifferent to these terrible conditions that they do not feel alarmed.
Some are so comfortable that they use the utilities as running water and electricity coupled with patches of land within the barracks to set up small markets which I believe will violate basic health and safety inspection tests.
Yet the unsuspecting public buy the goods they are selling.
So, whoever responsible for the affairs, development and or relocation of the Gordon Police Barracks should do something and do it quickly.


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