Barramundis applauded


I HAVE often followed the Barramundis’ past achievements on paper.
To watch the game against Scotland on the television over the weekend was indeed an achievement I applaud.
Thank you, firstly to the players who stood proud to their game plans and subdued the equally determined Scotsmen.
Thank you to the sponsors who paid for the game to be televised.
I acknowledge the coach, trainers and other support staff who took care of our players.
I do not know each of the Barramundis player, however, I know they are my fellow Papua New Guineans who were also playing for me out there.
One day, in the not-too-distant future, PNG will be like the West Indies, India or England.
PNG can be a force among the traditional cricket-playing nations.
I am a rare Highlander who enjoys cricket and I watch Australia, England, India, Pakistan and the West Indies belt out their stuff.
If it means I sit in front of my television for a whole day into the wee hours of the night, then I do so for cricket.
Well Done ol Barras.

Frank Gamezuho

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