Basamuk work halted

National, Normal

The National, Friday, June 10th 2011

RAMU NiCo, developers of the multi-million kina Ramu nickel and cobalt mine in Madang, has stopped work at its Basamuk refinery site on instructions from the mine inspector with the Department of Mining..
The company’s general manager corporate office Wu Xuefeng said last night the order to stop work was effective from Wednesday and covered welding-related work.
He said the mining inspector also ordered Ramu NiCo to improve the project’s safety and health management procedures.
Wu said the mine inspector made a recent visit and issued the order after inquiring into a Chinese worker’s death due to heart attack at the Basamuk processing plan.
“Immediately upon the receipt of the notice, Ramu NiCo confirmed with the inspectorate that it will comply with the instructions.
“Ramu NiCo is now taking rectification measures at all sites across the project covering all contractor personnel, while at the same time putting together a comprehensive plan to address areas highlighted by the mine inspector and to ensure problems are fixed before the full commissioning of the pro-ject,” he said.
Details of the accident were not disclosed.