Basic business skills training plan launched

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THE Digicel (PNG) Foundation has begun  a programme that provides basic training in small-scale business to interested people in settlements around Port Moresby.
The foundation is carrying this out with Ginigoada, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), Digicel Foundation chief executive Marina van der Vlies told The National.
The business skills training was launched yesterday at a Digicel Foundation community learning centre (CLC) at ATS Oro Settlement, 7-Mile, outside of Port Moresby.
The CLC which served as the training venue is being operated by the Tembari Children Care (TCC), a day care-orphanage centre.
About 20 parents attended the first day of the programme, which is targeting 300 people from 15 settlements around the city.
“This training will help to get people think ‘commercially’ about how to set up a viable business and make some money for themselves and the CLC activities.
Van der Vlies said the initiative is closely linked to the “CLC sustainability programme” whereby all CLCs had access to K3,000 in kind to set up a sustainability project within their community to help sustain theirCLC.
“This business awa-reness training will hopefully help them in setting up and operating their sustainability project successfully.”
Digicel Foundation’s staff, who have adopted a CLC, through their departments, will also be working with the communities to help them set up their sustainability projects, according to Van der Vlies.
She said the programme participants will also have the opportunity to do a skill-based training (sewing, cooking, carptentry and many others) through Ginigoada, as a next step.
The programme, which is being held daily in  each of the 15 CLCs will end on Oct 18.