Basic services needed


MUST the people of Lower Lai in Enga suffer because of political indifferences?
This was once a thriving valley of industrious farmers, flourishing local business, and health and education running on par with the Enga provincial government’s mission and vision.
The 30,000-plus people of Lower Lai area are now bearing the burden of impassable road access.
Given the deplorable state of the road conditions, the key of service delivery, basic services have dwindled to a state of almost nonexistence.
This results in the dramatic increase in mothers dying giving birth. There is increase in deaths from curable diseases, heavily affecting children’s education and their future and having serious impact on the local economy.
‘Green House’ – Enga government – on the outset is more concerned of provincial roads.
Feeder roads and ring roads are the responsibility of respective MPs. Given the financial crunch the country is now facing, our local MP’s district services improvement programme funding (DSIP) alone is not enough.
The plight of the Lower Lai people requires the National Government’s intervention.
The O’Neill Government is a people-oriented and people-focused government.
It must take a look at the burden of the people in this part of the world. While it is not proper to point fingers at anyone, weak and lacklustre leadership at district and province, or perhaps political indifferences of past and present MPs for Wapenamanda, could be the cause of tensions.
This resulted in inefficient service delivery.
Putting politics and whatever indifferences aside, we must serve our people.
Our people’s wellbeing is paramount and must take precedence over other matters.
The road from Mambisanda to Lower Lai is 10km.
It was once contracted to a company for upgrade and reconstruction, but for some reason the contractor left without completing the work.
What is urgently required is an emergency pavement restoration and associated work, including drainage.
Being from that area, it would be better to engage local contractorsgoing forward.
Local contractors are part of our community and they cannot leave projects half complete and run away for the sake of money.

Sakale Nenge, Wapenamanda

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