Basic services not getting through


THE inhabitants of the 111 districts have suffered and are suffering with services reaching them at a snail’s pace and in some remote districts there are no government services.
Millions of kina intended for developing the districts allocated and funded through the District Support Implementation Programme has been grossly misused and diverted to ghost projects which are owned and operated by the politicians and their district managers which have been going on for decades undetected by the authorities concerned.
The acting Secretary for the Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD), Aihi Vaki, your idea to closely monitor project implementations in the districts is the right call and that should be implemented.
One of the main reasons for the misuse is the failure of the authorities concerned to physically inspect the project sites and verify them rather than relying on acquittals which are usually full of rubbish.
Thank you for detecting the leakage in public funds at district level that denies the rights of the silent suffering majority who can’t speak up against such evil practices.

Awore Gotuwo

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