Basic writing skills tips to boost learning, communication


“I am trying to keep growing and improving as a writer.” – Roxane Gay

The above words are a true reflection of a writer’s state of mind.
While writing has been the oldest form of communication that has existed since human civilisation came into being, a significant section of the population has always underestimated the importance of possessing (even basic) writing skills.
One reason could be the technological revolution that replaced letters with text messages, emails or posts on social media accounts.
However, one should remember that these are also different writing forms and if we intend to communicate effectively, the foundation of our writing skills should be rock solid.
This checklist can help people struggling with the basic nuances such as sentence formation, grammar, spelling and many more, cultivate basic writing skills.

Read, read, read
Reading being closely connected with writing is a strong indicator that you need to read as much as you can.
This is a proven method to enhance your vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, etc.
To exemplify, when students set out to attempt IELTS (international English language testing system) essays, it is encouraged that
they refer to other write-ups on similar topics on the net or other reliable sources so that they can learn different ways to communicate ideas.

Write, write write
We have heard this umpteen number of times that “practice makes a man perfect!”
What is common to writing, dancing, singing, cooking?
Well, they are all skills and you cannot improve if you don’t practice.
So, engage in a daily writing practice schedule. An accountability partner, who could read your paragraph and suggest changes and vice versa, could be a good idea.
The more the merrier!

Focus on your grammar
The more you write, the more you are working towards improving your grammar.
Also, grammar becomes all the more important when you write than when you speak because writing is more structured and formal.

Importance of organising the write up
Always remember to begin your paragraph with a sentence that gives insight into the topic that you are going to write about.
Thereafter, continue with sentences that provide more information about the topic.
Finally, a conclusion helps summarise the ideas referred to in the body of the paragraph.
Moreover, write short sentences for conveying complex information since they break the information up into smaller, easier-to-process units.
Additionally, try to use rich vocabulary (not complicated, long words), transition words (for example, therefore, moreover) to achieve smooth transition from one thought process to another.

A dictionary is your go-to-buddy when it comes to enhancing English language skills
Just like we never forget carrying an atlas for geography classes, a dictionary is your partner in crime when you attend your English language classes.
Keeping a dictionary handy will help you look up words to clarify their meaning instantaneously, learn their antonyms and synonyms; thereby, contributing to a better write up.

Spell check
For a smooth reading experience, you need an error-free write-up.
The orthographical error can ruin the joy of reading an otherwise interesting piece.
Therefore, run a spell check before you start finalising your write up.

Get someone to glance at your write up
Finally, get your mentor or teacher or anyone else, having a good command of the language, to evaluate your write up and correct your errors pertaining to grammar and spelling!
While gaining proficiency in English writing skills is not an overnight journey, but your consistency coupled with hard work can get you there.
Take the first step and you will be surprised to take off on the magical journey of weaving stories with your choicest thoughts and words.
Best of luck.
In current times, online writing classes is a boon for beginners learning to write.
It is believed that you can be good at writing if you are disciplined, have an eye for details, strong vocabulary and above all a passion for reading.
– CTN News