Basil: Bad roads affect economic activities


THE worsening Wau-Bulolo and Menyamya road conditions are hampering socio-economic activities in Morobe.
Treasurer Sam Basil said Bulolo and Menyamya contributed significantly to the national economy, producing gold, timber and coffee.
“Yet the Government continues to neglect the importance of Lae-Bulolo and Menyamya highways that are the lifelines of farmers, companies and public servants to commute to Lae city.
“Even companies that pay huge taxes are struggling to meet the rising cost of vehicle maintenance and spare parts. The bad roads, littered with pot holes and with some even washed away by rain or water from burst river banks (Bulolo and Kumalu rivers), are damaging vehicles.
“In extractive and agricultural activities, the Government must give priority to roads and bridges. I am the treasurer and am keen to do that.
“I will ensure that all districts will get the full K10 million of their District Services Improvement Programme (DSIP) funds,” he added.
“Soon the Wafi-Golpu will pour millions into the national purse but the roads conditions are not up to standard. I will also support local MP Thomas Pelika and ensure that the Tekadu palm oil project will take off.
“The palm oil project is another potential economic activity that will trigger employment for locals. But the roads must be improved.”