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DEPUTY Prime Minister and Bulolo MP Sam Basil who was referred to a Leadership Tribunal last month on allegations of misconduct in office may continue to perform his duties and responsibilities as a leader until the statement of reasons with the reference are presented to the tribunal, Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin says.
Kaluwin said Basil had made his first appearance at the tribunal yesterday chaired by Justice Allen David, however the statement of reasons with the reference were not presented because two members of the tribunal Mark Selefkariu and Josephine Kilage were also members in another tribunal which would be recalled on Tuesday.
“The two magistrates are also members of another tribunal which will be recalled next week. We don’t know when it will end,” he said.
“Myself and Greg Sheppard, who is acting for Basil, are also involved in that tribunal so we will be sort of running both tribunals together, so that’s the reason we had to adjourn.
“If we present the statement of reasons now (yesterday) the leader becomes suspended automatically and we don’t know how long it will take because the other tribunal is also in progress.
“Let’s say if the statement of reasons with the reference are presented today (yesterday) and Basil is suspended and then the hearing on the other tribunal takes, let’s say two weeks, Basil will be suspended for more than two weeks.
“So that’s the gist of the reasons for the seeking of the adjournment,” he said.
Kaluwin said while there was nothing preventing them from presenting the reference, it was appropriate to also consider the issue of fairness on all parties involved in the two tribunals.
The tribunal was adjourned to Aug 6.
Basil said outside court that he was happy to face the tribunal.


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  • While in PNG, we have different laws for the corrupt and implicated MPs….PNG is where Ministers want to hold onto portfolios even if they are implicated in corruption scandals….PNG is where police provide incomplete evidences to courts even for worse crimes like rape, murder etc. ….PNG is where corrupt are set free…PNG is where ordinary citizens are brutalised for stealing a packet of biscuit worth a kina, while MPs steal millions and are freed, saved and guaranteed security ….#God have mercy on us!

  • Our leaders are taking us backward to become the poorest black nation on earth.
    It is a curse

  • Correct PNG CW. Why are those previously implicated still cling onto power.? When will justice be served.

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