Basil disappointed to see O’Neill aligning with NA

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The National, Monday 30th July 2012

BULOLO MP Sam Basil is disappointed to see Peter O’Neill teaming up again with people the PNG Party helped oust in August last year.
“We are sad to see the very people we have changed teaming up with O’Neill,” he said.
O’Neill and PNG Party leader Belden Namah respectively became prime minister and deputy prime minister after they engineered the ousting of Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare in August last year.
With the support of former prime ministers Sir Michael, Sir Julius Chan and Paias Wingti, O’Neill has cobbled together a grand coalition that commands more than 68 seats in the 111-seat parliament and will likely be asked by the governor-general to form the next government after the return of writs which end on Wednesday. I’d like to send a strong message to the independents (MPs) and all the new members who have been elected into parliament.
“We want to make a change and I know my party leader makes a lot of bold decisions.
“This country needs leaders who can make bold decisions. We are not afraid. The country is afraid of bold decisions,” Basil said.