Basil plans to connect wards in Bulolo with power supply


BULOLO MP Sam Basil says he is aiming to have power supply to all wards in Buang local level government, Nulolo and Watut.
“With electricity, I expect significant changes to the lives of people for the people,” he said.
Basil, who is also Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce and Industry Minister, spoke at the launch of power supply in ward 16 in Bulolo’s Buang on Sunday.
The people of Manga, ward 16 in Buang, Bulolo, were all in joy during the weekend when they were connected to power.
“With power supply to all wards, we can bring back more of our people in towns to the village. We can then grow our economy with more business activities,” he said.
“(After the power connection) you can have the opportunity to enjoy life like those in urban areas.”
Basil said economic growth came with socio-economic problems and “the people and local leaders must be ready to deal the issues”.
He said about 3,000 houses have been connected with electricity in the district to date.
Manga ward councillor Kevin Lucas urged villagers to treasure such important utility projects and to report those who abuse or damage such facilities.