Basil predicts good things under Naru

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The National, Monday 30th July 2012

BULOLO MP Sam Basil says he expects a better working relationship among Morobe’s political leaders with the election of Kelly Naru as governor.
Basil said Naru was an “action man” who had helped many communities in Morobe and the country and “Morobe will change for the better under his leadership”. 
Basil is appealing to the five newly-elected Morobe MPs and four returning members to work closely with the 33 council presidents to bring about much-needed change to rural people.  
Basil said there had not been much co-operation between the presidents of local level governments and the nine MPs in the past five years.
He blamed the lack of teamwork under Luther Wenge, who was ousted after three terms in parliament. 
He said party politics was something that should be played at national level.
“But when it comes to the province, leaders should work together,” he said.