Basil queries highway projects

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013

 DEPUTY Opposition leader Sam Basil is critical of the construction cost of the K800 million super highways from Lae to Nadzab and the K399 million Togoba-Kisinopo roads.

He said the K1.19 billion should have been allocated for the urgent repair, maintenance and rehabilitation of the Highlands Highway from Lae to Enga and to Hela.

He said alternatively, this huge amount of money should be used to open up the interior districts for development to develop and open up new and economic opportunities for people to participate in the economic, social and political development of the country.

He said the country needed good roads but with the excessive costs  being projected, there were more questions to ask on the intentions of good roads to the people.

“We needs more roads into areas that have never being connected to the outside world. We need the Highlands Highway to be rehabilitated and we are operating in the same country making decisions on the run,” he said. 

“When the concept of super roads into and out of the towns was outlined, we supported it for the development of this country. The people of Menyamya, Finschhafen, Kabwum, Marawaka, Simbai, Kaintiba, Telefomin and other places are not connected to their provincial headquarters while we are building super highways that lead to nowhere.

“Prime Minister O’Neill wants an investigation into the costs structure. Papua New Guineans are being fooled daily by O’Neill by pulling wool over the eyes and using words to distract the people from knowing the truth and reality.

“The contract is in excess of K10 million so this matter would have ended in the National Executive Council. Is the Prime Minister telling us that the contract was awarded by Department of Works or Central Supply and Tenders Board and there was no scoping and costing done?”