Basil switch supported


MANY writers to this column have criticised, vilified and condemned Bulolo MP Sam Basil for crossing the floor of Parliament to join the Government.
These people do not seem to understand the fact that any Member of Parliament has the right under the Constitution and Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties to join any party or groups in Parliament.
The MP for Bulolo has exercised that right.
He has served his time in the Opposition. Except for his two years spell (mid 2010 to 2012) as Minister for National Planning, all of his last three terms in Parliament was spent in the Opposition.
Give him a break. Why should he spend his entire political career as a permanent member of the Opposition?
Does he not have the right to be in Government also?
Papua New Guinea needs leaders like Sam Basil and Garry Juffa in Government to help address the challenging issues the country faces today.
Basil has made the right move for the good of the country.

For a united and progressive PNG

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