Basil: Thorough review needed to avoid infighting

National, Normal

The National, Friday 17th May 2013

 BULOLO MP Sam Basil has advised the Morobe provincial government and the Hidden Valley landowners that the memorandum of agreement review be done properly to equally represent districts in the province.

He said his office had not received any official invitation to take part in the review. 

He said any negotiations should increase the stake-holding from 2% to 5% and not fight with other stakeholders like dogs fighting over bones.

Basil said the provincial government had received K15 million from royalties since its inception but there was nothing to show for it in the Wau Bulolo towns.

“Bringing back the memories of the gold rush days which left the township with nothing tangible and sustainable left behind, the people voted out Luther Wenge because the issue became political during the elections,” he said.

“Currently Bulolo’s joint district planning and budget priority committee has looked in all of these royalties since Governor Naru honoured the MoA.

“So far we have raised K1.4 million and will raise commercial finances and with the DSIP fund to partner  to build a commercial complex worth over K6 million.”

He said they would also look at the relocation of the district headquarters and banking services to Wau town.

However he said if the provincial government and the landowner withdrew the district’s share, the Hidden Valley mine must stop its operation because there would be nothing for the district to gain from.

“It will only benefit the minority of landowners and the provincial government while major infrastructure that needs to be build from the mine revenue will not be realised.”