Basil U-turn seen as childish


AS a Morobean I see Sam Basil’s decision to cross the floor of Parliament from the Opposition benches to the Government as a childish.
His move does not hold well with all Morobeans.
Morobeans are different from the rest of Papua New Guinea; we have well-educated professionals to semi-educated and we stay humble.
Basil has tried to explain why he took Pangu across the floor but he shouldn’t waste his time talking to Morobeans.
We don’t see him as a true leader anymore and I don’t think Morobe will vote for him again at the next general election.
Basil and those who joined him should enjoy their government seats as much as they can now because they won’t be back come the next election for they have betrayed the people of Morobe and failed to live up to their campaign speeches and promises.
They had campaigned against Peter O’Neill’s People’s National Congress party and then turned around and joined O’Neill’s coalition government.
O’Neill must be laughing at them.
Basil should have followed the steps of more senior Opposition politicians like Kerenga Kua and Sir Mekere Morata.

Amnama, via email
Lae, Morobe

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