Basket maker earns income during Independence weekend

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THE craft market at the Port Moresby Arts Theatre went well for Bob Gulai over the independence anniversary weekend.
“It’s Independence so we have a lot of foreign visitors and customers here and it could be a good sale for us today,” craftsman, Gulai said as selling was picking up momentum on Saturday.
“So far today, I had four-five customers and I’ve made almost K500,” he said.
Port Moresby Arts Theatre committee vice-president Maya Peipul said the theatre had been open for craft market for 15 years.
“The reason we open the venue for craft market is to make some money for the theatre and also help these craft men,” Peipul said.
Peipul said the market opened at the theatre once a month and this month was special because of the Independence anniversary week.
Gulai, 42, from Ialibu in Southern Highlands, was selling bilums and baskets.
He said he had been selling his crafts for more than 10 years and not every sale was the same.
“If I’m lucky today, I could make about K1,000, it depends,” he said.