Basrek: Sorcery prevents change

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The National, Monday July 1st, 2013


SORCERY is to blame for the lack of government services reaching some areas in Madang, a ward councillor said last Friday.

Jessie Basrek said Bogia, Raicoast and the Begesin area in the Usino local level government, and Brahim, in Madang district, were some of the least developed areas in the province.

Sorcery is common in other parts of the six districts and is often blamed for diseases, natural disasters and deaths.

Basrek, a Ward 29 councillor in the Tangu area of Bogia, attributed that to the lack of economic activities in the once busy area.

“Planti hap insait long peles Madang igat as buai na daka, kakau diwai na kopra wantaim vanila tasol pasin sanguma o poisen i wok lo mekim man poret lo kam insait na baim. Mipela nogat moni na laip i hat tru (Many cash crop commodities are left to ruin as buyers refuse to come in fear for their lives when they know that the area is notorious for its sorcery practices),” he said.

Basrek said many areas in Madang had been left idle and missed 

development opportunities as changes were not accepted because of jealousy that often leads to the use of black magic or sorcery to get even or make others suffer.

“Dispela kain pasin em nogut tru na mipela mas stopim kain pasin blo jeles igo ikam (The practice of using sorcery through plain jealousy among ourselves must stop),” he said.

Basrek said sorcery was a major hindrance to development.