Battle for fifth spot on in NCD volleyball

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The National – Friday, July 1, 2011

ITS a must-win for former glamour team, Scorpions, when they clash with Vailima in the PNGNWT NCDVA men’s premier division at TLC tomorrow.
Scorpions are currently in fifth place and Vailima are one better after eight games.
Ela Motors and U-Mi Yet are on sixth and seventh spots, knocking on the door to enter, should the teams in top-five start losing their games.
A loss to Scorpions and a win to Ela Motors and U-Mi Yet will tie all three teams on 17 points and the side with better percentage will take fifth place.
Ela Motors have an easier task in containing tail-enders, Gulf East Timber, while U-Mi Yet has a mountain to climb against second-placed Renos Vanama.
Daniel Guma, Naime Arua and Randolph Nambate must lift their games and take some pressure off wily captain Ula Gima.
Vailima is a balanced team, with experienced setter, Vela Ralewa calling the shots, blockers Miria Geita and Charlie Nodi, hitters Albert Airi, Michael Sogo and Vali Kali make this team a premiership contender.
In the other match a newly-kitted After Dark take on pace-setters Snipers.
In the women’s division, an even contest is expected between Snipers and Scorpions, After Dark should push U-Mi all the way, MRA should tame Pom Tech, Ela Motors face Vailima and Medics Utd should contain Gulf ET.