Battling for LLG power


THIS year’s council elections will be challenging in the sense that certain recurring malpractices will be used by the candidates to secure posts in the LLG.
It’s a norm that has been tolerated over the years and these undemocratic practices will be enhanced and brought into play when the writs open and nomination and polling begins.
It is common knowledge that each candidate’s policies and development pillars play a vital role in this game.
However, it is also their personal character that portrays their integrity and selfness which will become a yardstick which voters will assess when considering who to choose as their LLG leader.
In ward four LULLG of Lae district, there will be a totally different turnout from the other previous council elections. Why? Because:

  • Youths are no longer considered effective, accountable and transparent. The name has been tarnished and erased in the hearts and minds of the communities; and
  • Common community leaders who are intending to contest again won’t make it because they are seen as “Kaikai Man” and “Kaikai Man” has been their name tag over the years.

On the contrary, 45-60 per cent of the communities are original settlers for which less than 30 per cent of them have formal employment while other 40-55 per cent of the settlers in this constituents are working people who are renting.
These working people will play a huge role in determining the next local LLG head in this Ward 4 prefecture.
The political atmosphere will change this time, that someone neutral who is unattached, someone who is very honest, transparent and accountable will be chosen.
That individual will be someone who will be very detailed and precise with his or her development pillars and policies.

D-D Maus Grass
CRIX Natuna

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