Bawa a role model for police officers

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday October 24th, 2013

 I WOULD like to acknowledge Andy Bawa of the PNG Royal Constabulary.  

I was happy to see such an officer of high ranking making the time to assist an ordinary citizen.  

There was an incident that involved some police officers recently.

They had come into my mini-market and not only removed the betel nuts being sold but also removed five packets of cigarettes and fizzy drinks.  

Luckily, bystanders had taken their vehicle number and I saw Bawa’s contact number from the newspapers and called him.  

I made an appointment with him and we met on a Saturday morning.  

He was disgusted by the officers’ behaviour and assured me that my products would be returned.  

On Tuesday, my products were delivered to my office by Bawa and some officers.

I could not believe that he had time for a little person such as I.  

My experience is that police station personnel are often not much of an assistance unless they are offered lunch money.

I shared this experience with my fellow colleagues, and they were moved and fascinated to know that we do have some good, genuine and professional police officers when there is so much talk on police brutality and rogue police behaviour in NCD.  

We only wish there were more police personnel such as Andy Bawa. 


Port Moresby