Bawa: Report officers

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The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013

 THE National Central District  metropolitan police superintendent has called on the public to report any unprofessional conduct by police officers tasked with investigating the K6.3 million heist.

Andy Bawa made the call following reports  of alleged police unprofessionalism in the course of their investigations. 

Bawa said while he would welcome  substantiated complaints  into police unprofessional conduct or  other issues, allegations would just be allegations if they were not reported to police.

He was responding to allegations of police misbehavior  by a community leader while investigating the case by officers using threats, intimidation, firearms and even damaging properties.  

The leader who wished to remain anonymous alleged that  various police divisions and officers tasked with the investigations were going beyond their duty, disregarding  human rights,  not following police procedures and what was expected of law enforcement officers. 

The leader alleged that police officers had been convoying in unmarked  vehicles  with tinted windows and were using the street as a racing track with no regard for the safety and well-being of people in the community.

The leader alleged that the police officers were using  threat and intimidation to get information out of people in full view of the public. 

He claimed  children were traumatised watching brutality, violence and abusive language.

The leader said  any citizen was assumed innocent until proven guilty.

“This has contributed in causing extreme fear in the community at large, especially among women and children who longer feel safe in their homes.”

Bawa said that he “believed the allegations were just mere allegations” and added that if the community had issues, they should follow proper procedure and report the issues to police, so appropriate investigations can be conducted into the issues reported.”

Bawa said  those tasked with the investigation could carry high-powered guns but  needed to use them with care.