Bawa right to call for tougher laws

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 29th August, 2012

I agree with NCD police ope­rations chief Andy Bawa’s call for tougher laws to help fight serious crimes and senseless killings in the country.
Only a blind and deaf person would say that the law and order situation does not warrant a review.
Our prisons are overflowing with criminals, yet we always hear comments that Papua New Guineans are peace-loving people.
What nonsense.
Some of the crimes committed are so horrific that the perpetrators can only be described as animals.
They are criminals of the worst kind, who probably find satisfaction in seeing their victims suffer.
Worse, they are likely to go even further given the opportunity.
Our lawmakers and law enforcers must not give them that opportunity.
We need to mete out heavy sentences on those who commit heinous crimes against law-abiding citizens who have a right to live without fear.
Murderers must be locked away for as long as possible and the same goes with rapists.
If circumstances were extreme, I would even support the death sentence.
People who rob while armed with dangerous weapons should also be considered for the death sentence as clearly, they have intent to kill.
We are a Christian country, yet we see and hear about all sort of crimes everyday.
Religion appears to have failed, or perhaps, has done as much as it can.
We need help so that we are not at the mercy of merciless criminals.
PNG has the death sentence but I do not believe it has ever been carried out.
There is an urgent need to review the maximum pe­nalties allowed for various crimes.
The sooner we do it, the better it will be for the people and the country.

Port Moresby