Be a true public servant, not a local tourist

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday February 7th, 2014

 THE Bua village is located north of Lae city.

It is slowly growing to be an area of local tourist destination. 

Over the years, real development has grown its  roots – thanks to the people.

People initiated and improved their villages and community.

Services promised by the government had zero impact on community. 

The community appreciate the services rendered by the public servants living and working there.

However,  it has come to a point that some public servants are not serving the people but serving their own interests. 

Some concerns that need to be highlighted are the  health  officers  on  duty are not around when needed, outpatient is usually closed during the days and open at nights, inconsistent supply of drugs, teachers are not in schools during fortnight week and huge school subsidies paid have no true meaning in terms of new buildings or any  development

There seems to be no code of conduct, poor moral and ethical values, no direction by the staff and zero supervision or inspections by the authorities concerned. 

We hope and pray that the higher authorities would conduct regular visits so that the public servants will be motivated. 


Concerned Dua, Via email