Be agents of change for better PNG

Letters, Normal

The National- Thursday, January 20, 2011

 PAPUA New Guinea can transform into greatness if we believe in its existence.

Many countries transformed into greatness when its people have a reason to live – people who believe in something, do anything to the extent of sacrificing their own lives to achieve what they believe.

Nelson Mandela fought and spent most of his life in jail for what he believes for South Africa, Mahatma Gandhi fought and sacrificed his life for what he believed for India and Martin Luther King Jr fought and died for what he believed for civil rights in America.

There were many people who became great for fighting for justice and justice was what they believed. 

We have the educated elites who are keeping their mouths shut while PNG is riddled with widespread corruption, misuse of public funds and abuse of power for one’s own gain. 

The Bible say, “when the wicked rules the people suffer but when the righteous rules the people rejoice”. 

The opposition is only fulfilling its constitutional obligation by criticising the government. Let alone the poor 85% of the rural population who don’t know what’s going on. 

It is for the young generation to become the solution and save PNG or remain ignorant and wipe PNG off the map. 

Current leaders are driving our country recklessly thinking that our natural resources will continue to sustain its growth without consequences.

Let’s be the agents of change and we all can change PNG once we believe in its potential and see things differently from what our MPs are seeing and practising.  


Lucas Kiap