Be an agent for change

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I REFER to the letter by “Resident” inquiring about the cost of Christmas lights and festive items (Dec 2).
I cannot blame the writer because I felt that way too.
Because of the rising cost, I am watching my budget closely.
Last week, my children forced me to take them to 5-Mile and seeing the joy and happiness on their faces, I am forced to change my perspective.
Before Powes Parkop became governor, I never expect NCD residents would get to enjoy Christmas lights, water fountains, picnic spots, parks, children’s playing ground, etc.
These are the things other countries get to enjoy.
Since Parkop entered office, things are slowly starting to change for the better.
I suggest the writer and others who are questioning the cost not to be a spoilsport.
Take your families to 5-Mile.
One politician alone cannot bring changes but there is no harm in trying.
Parkop has shown that he is an agent for change.
Are we with him?


Masi Mongom
Port Moresby