Be aware of media manipulation for military politics

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday February 6th, 2014

 sAS  an officer of the PNG Defence Force and also a company commander within 1RPIR (Taurama  Barracks), I have been closely following what appears to be obvious manipulation of the media for political point-scoring to purposely create a scenario among the rank and file of the force during this period of changes in the command. 

I am referring to allegations of fraud within the force (The National, Jan 27). 

Although  they  may  have substance, the timing can never be a coincidence. 

The  former commander had ample time to deal with these issues as all these allegations, plus many others of disciplinary nature were brought to him to deal with during his term. 

Why  does  a  certain  group  have  to select just one  of many allegations to publicise? 

I would also like to offer some advice to intellectually-impaired  officers  and  those other ranks who have been misled like the mindless masses time and again. 

Learn  to stand up and think for yourselves so that you are able to make sound, informed judgments on any issues within the PNGDF. 

Know that these are the very people implicated  in the misappropriation of Cyclone Guba funds from the Oro disaster and these people  need to be investigated as a matter of priority. 


Alfred Kaveu, Via email