Be careful of the NA game, acting PM

Letters, Normal

The National – Friday, June 17, 2011

I REFER to the recent changes made in the government or rather the National Alliance party.
As a political observer, what we are seeing today is the expected result of a political master mind.
This is a plot to dismantle the formidable highlands faction and the Enga NA’s strength, which is the envy of many of our leaders fighting for power.
Fellow Enga brothers – Sam Abal and Don Polye – are now caught up in a trap set by some highlands and Momase leaders.
The people of Enga are very unhappy with the current situation and call on Abal, as acting prime minister, to put a brake on any more moves because he had stepped over the line.
He is being made use of by some people who will never get to sit on the PM’s chair for even a second.
He cannot continue to carry on at the expense of his brothers who had contributed a lot to the survival of the party.
Brotherhood is a big thing and Abal must bear that in mind.
He needs his fellow brothers on his side to maintain political stability and uniformity that Enga has achieved.
He must stop accommodating the interests of others, otherwise we will speak loudly next year.


Port Moresby