Be careful who you leave your child with


IT would be an understatement to describe the young lady who abused her brother’s baby as animalistic.
Animals tend to engage in sexual activities for the sole purpose of reproduction.
Her actions are simply plain stupid, evil and disgusting.
Her level of stupidity is incomparable that she had to create a video.
What makes it worse is that she is the child’s aunt.
A family member that no other family member saw this coming.
It is bewildering to even realise that she is a juvenile and yet she is capable of doing such an evil thing on a toddler.
Being young and sexually excited is one thing, but being sexually excited and stupid is totally different thing.
I hope she is punished accordingly for her actions.
She has shown remorse, but that does not even justify her actions and intent.
It is also a reminder to every parent out there, be very careful when choosing care givers and entrusting the welfare and security of your child to them.