Be careful with Christian declaration


OUR Constitution declares freedom of religion for every person in this country.I am a Spirit-filled born-again Christian and an ordained prophet of God. I talk to God and God talks to me. I love worshipping my Jesus, who is God, and Holy Spirit, in spirit and in truth. I love seeing God performing miracles in people’s lives every day. I asked God: “Is it your will that Papua New Guinea be declared a Christian nation?”And the Word of God that came to me was: “For God so love the world.” God said to me that He never loved Israel, England, America or PNG alone, but the world.God said He allowed the sun to shine on all and the rain to fall on all and the wind to blow on all.Declaring PNG a Christian nation is not God’s will.But to make all people in PNG to be born again Spirit-filled Christians is His will. Therefore, God Himself inspired our forefathers to declare freedom of religion in the Constitution. Christian churches must properly advise the Government to make the declaration or we will bring a curse on our nation.I strongly believe that if the Government wants to make PNG a Christian nation, it should remove the word “religion” and replace it with the word “worship”. PNG must worship God in Spirit and in truth.That is what God wants from His people in Papua New Guinea.

Prophet Wrightcesh