Be clean, look neat while on duty: PPC

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The National, Tuesday March 4th, 2014

 POLICE manpower in Western Highlands has increased to 400 with the arrival 24 recruits last week.

Provincial police commander Supt Martin Lakari urged the recruits to maintain a high standard of discipline when carrying out their duties.

Lakari advised them to maintain the code of ethics they were taught at the Bomana Police College when on and off duty.

He urged them to shave, polish their boots, dress up neatly and refrain from chewing betel nuts and smoking while on duty.

“You are the image of the police force and we want you all to maintain a high standard of discipline at all times,” he said.

Lakari warned that indisciplined officers would be seriously dealt with, even sacked if they continued with their bad behaviour.

He said the new additions to the force were part of the police modernisation programme rolled out last year.

He said under the programme, he received five new vehicles and 20 new homes were under construction at the Kagamuga and Kiminiga police barracks.

He said the 20 new homes would accommodate 60 single officers, with three to a home.

Lakari said police foot patrols in Mt Hagen city has had a big effect on the law and order crime situation.  

He said it was part of normal police duty to maintain order in the city.

Many people have commended the police and Lakari for the initiative taken and urged them to continue with the foot patrol in the city.