Be committed, God has plans for you: Youth told


A NAZARENE church official is urging young people in Lae, Morobe, to be good role models to their younger siblings and other children.
Lae Point Four Nazarene church layman Simon Pakba said young Christians should hold onto their faith firmly.
“Keep your faith after church services, even when at home or in school,” he said.
“Practice your faith when away from parents and show others that you are a Christian. Show love, be pure in heart, don’t steal and conduct yourselves with the right attitude.
“Speak appropriately as an individual. Don’t back bite or gossip about your friends. Respect and love those that are younger than you.
“Love covers everything. Control yourself and love others. Live a Christ-like life.”
Pakba encouraged young people not to feel let down when faced with life’s obstacles.
“Don’t let anyone look down on you. Be committed and let God be first in your life. Because he has plans for you that will be fulfilled,” he said.
Pakba shared a sermon from 1 Timothy 4:12, during a youth night at 4-Mile on Friday.
“God has plans to give us hope and prosperity when we are still young,” he said.
Supporting verses were taken from Jeremiah 1:4 and 29:11, which highlighted God’s plan for us.
“God knew and chose us before we were born,” Pakba said.
“He has his own ways on how his plans would work on our lives,” Pakba said.
“He created us with power and might. We are his own creations.”

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