Be efficient, judge tells lawyers

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The National – Friday, February 11, 2011

DEPARTMENTS and agents of the state should be looking at efficiency and better service delivery, Justice Ambeng Kandakasi said on Wednesday at the Waigani Court House.
“Our people deserve better and it is time we came to realise this,” he said.
Kandakasi pointed this out while presiding over a case between the Civil Aviation Authority and the Air Traffic Control Association relating to a disagreement on outstanding payments of claims.
He said this after getting no definite answer when he asked the lawyers from both parties to reveal the amount of money that was in question which had prompted  the matter to be brought to the court.
When both lawyers declined to produce the figures, Kandakasi scolded them for bringing a matter to court only to “muck around” and waste judicial time.
“I am not here to educate you on how to go about performing your duties properly. By now, you should know what to do,” he said.  
His remark was also directed to other lawyers and court staff on their efficiency in their legal duties.
Kandakasi indicated that he would meet soon with lawyers to discuss their efficiency as expected of them by their clients and the court.
“I am not totally impressed with your performances.
“There are a lot of unnecessary adjournment; backlogs are increasing and you are wasting my time,” he said.