Be fair to all businesses


IT is a waste of taxpayers’ funds under the patronage of the Government to give free handouts to cronies at the expense of hardworking and much-deserving recipients.
It makes no sense to give free handouts to political cronies to compete unfairly against genuine business operators servicing loan to compete in the same space of small to medium enterprises.
This is insane.
The Government’s policy to support SMEs seems a bit shaky with this practice.
Buying PMV trucks for supporters puts hardworking PMV operators in a tough situation, which is not fair.
It is time for the voters rise up and question their local MPs to show cause as to how many genuine millionaires have been created in their districts during their tenure.
Otherwise, there is a value case for citizens to call on the next government in 2022 to put all unemployed citizens on the payroll since it has got surplus buckets of money to dish out.

Frustrated Citizen