Be fair to UPNG open campus students


THE University of PNG’s open campus should come up a memorandum of agreement with Port Moresby Business College to affiliate their academic programmes and not with UPNG’s main campus.
The main campus should have a MoA with the open campus to prioritise their programmes, students and academic staff.
The open campus is part of the UPNG community but they have not received the same treatment as Port Moresby Business College which is a different college.
Port Moresby Business College graduates should be given the opportunity to pursue their studies at the open campus not the main campus as we are not really happy with the programme.
For example, the accounting programme at UPNG open campus is fully externalised, which is unfair.
Even though some students graduated with high grade point averages (GPA) of diploma in accounting, they were never selected to do their studies at the main campus while Port Moresby Business College students are selected. We, the students at the open campus want the same treatment as Port Moresby Business College students.

UPNG Open Campus