Be good role models


STOP the primitive way of living and try to improve our living.
How you behave and live today determines your tomorrow.
As young parents, we should not live haphazardly and demonstrate such to the children.
Be a nice exemplar in all conducts to our kids so they imitate the good attributes and those characters become part and partial of their living.
Your speaking should make sense, dress decently, clean your teeth, be patient, respect others, take your kids to church, encourage them to go to school, have devotion and eat at the right time.
Your own improvement today will have an impact on your sons and daughters’ good academic performances.
Respect others, live healthy and be economical in making financial decisions.
If you fail to demonstrate those traits in little ways in small families, how do you expect a nice future for yourself and for your kids?
The Bible says you will rip what you sow so that statement stands today and into the future.

Jack Kukiwa,

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