Be innovative: Yer

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FINANCE secretary Gabriel Yer has called on the people of Simbu to be innovative service providers.
He made the call during the launch of implementation of Simbu provincial budget in Kundiawa last Friday.
Mr Yer commended Simbu Governor Fr John Garia for providing more money to ensure human resource development progresses in the province.
Simbu province has given 65% of its budget to human resource development with most to fund for teachers salaries.
He said Simbu might not have the resource to generate revenue like other provinces but should become efficient services providers for resource owners.
Mr Yer challenged leaders and public servants to create an environment conducive to drive economic development for the Simbu province and open accessibilities for people to improve their standard of living.
“Simbu should concentrate on developing service industry to bring more money to be earned from other province’s resource development into Simbu,” Mr Yer said.
He wants the province to develop service industry with special emphasis on tourism and economic development, calling on land owners provide service industry.
“Service industry will spur internal revenue for Simbu province where business will bloom, so we should not talk about being disadvantaged and look at growing the economy of the province,” he said.
Meanwhile, Highlands regional representative for the office of Rural Development, Anna Bae acknowledged Simbu MPs for good work they are doing.
She commended Fr Garia for the initiative to launch the implementation of the budget and for being transparent in service deliveries.
A special group of representatives from Wabo between Karamui and Gulf province were brought in by the Simbu provincial government to witness the launch.