Be patient with leaders


CONCERNS expressed by voters towards leaders not performing their duties to deliver basic services to our door steps are becoming an everyday point of view.
It may be disrespectful when citizens criticise people with high level of authority.
We hold our leaders accountable because the office they occupy is made available to them by the people through the constitution.
After voting a candidate into parliament, the expectation in every village, ward, LLG and electorate are the same – deliver services to the people.
People anticipate change in their communities within the five-year period.
Every citizen expects fairness in government service delivery and that is why leaders are always subjected to criticism every day.
It can be stressful but this is what you as a leader can expect from people when you do not deliver according to commitments.
MPs too have their own side of the story on why they cannot support all the constituents within a five-year period.
Obviously it is unrealistic for an MP to cover the entire electorate within a short period of time as PNG is embedded with many challenges.
An MP’s challenges faced during the delivery of services should be made known to the voters so they understand.
Some new MPs need time to understand how the parliamentary system works.
Changing leadership every five years can affect development commitments as they (commitments) take time to materialise due to some mitigating factors mentioned above.
I think the voters should understand that five years is too short for a first time MP.
The rightful time to consider changes is when an MP abuses the office he or she occupies.
An MP cannot cover the entire electorate within the five-year period.
It’s difficult.

Hanam Bill Sandu


  • That is why you need to understand the system of government atleast before putting your hands up to be a politician. Not because you have a base and understand that your tribesman, clansman etc will vote you because you are just TALKATIVE.

  • An MP should consider- ‘Not what my country can give me but
    What I can give my country?’
    paraphrasing JFK

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